About this commission

In todays society, communication is key.
  The task of the Communication Commission is to keep overview of all the promotional activities, to help – where needed – with providing promotion materials and to create content for the website and social media channels. Most importantly, the Head of Communication’s task is to help IFSA’s communication both inside and outside IFSA not to be outdated. You can contact the Communication Commission by email: communication@ifsa.net   The Marketing Sub-Commission was established to let someone solely focus on the IFSA brand. The main objective is to standardize IFSA materials, such as PowerPoint templates, business cards, flyers and poster. Further, we would like to focus on collecting and designing personalized flyer and poster for special events and congresses. The goal is to help any IFSA member promote our association better and give them access to resources and designs. In addition to that we want to focus on expanding the ‘IFSA merchandise’ (i.e. T-shirts, pens, pins, caps, buttons etc.) You can contact the Marketing Sub-Commission by email: marketing@ifsa.net   The Social Media Sub-Commission focuses on maintaining our profiles in the main social networks (Facebook page and Twitter). You can contact the Social Media Sub-Commission by email: social.media@ifsa.net   The Web Sub-Commission is responsible for keeping the website (www.ifsa.net) and the IFSA Officials’ email forwarders up to date. You can contact the Web Sub-Commission by email: web@ifsa.net  ]]>