Forestry Education (FE) commission was founded at the IFSS 2010 in South Korea. It’s role will be determined in the SAPFE (Students Plan for Forestry Education). The creation of the SAPFE is one of the first big tasks of the fe commission. Further goals are the finding and establishing of a training system for IFSA and the work on a database for forestry education study courses. The commission offers the great chance of pointing out problems in forestry education and showing possible solutions. It can beyond that play a role itself in the improvement of forestry education. The FE commission stands for the students voice in forestry education topics and can also act as the connecting link between organisations, universities and students. As forestry education is a topic that concerns all of us, everybody is very welcome to contribute to the work of the commission, or as a commissioner or also just with an e-mail with something you have on your mind about forestry education.

About this commission

Main tasks of the commission:
  • Collaborate with internal and external bodies to develop and enhance the level of forestry education worldwide.