What can you do as student?

In the end, institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank or your national government, are simply made up of people. And many of these people will be happy to listen to you, if you are well informed and in turn respect their views.

Pekka Patosaari Head of the UNFF Secretariat Through the International Processes Commission, IFSA tries to communicate the concerns of youth to the United Nations and International Policy institutions as to give especially forestry students the opportunity to learn more about the International Forestry Dialogue and to get active in the for forests and education relevant processes, as there are:

About this commission

[accordions] [accordion title=”Sub-Commission for UNFCC“]

Sub-Commission for UNFCC

The sub-commission UNFCCC is responsible for making young foresters aware about the potential and rules of the UN-Climate Process, especially the ones related to the forest field. Every year IFSA delegates attend the COP meeting, which is the biggest UN conference on climate change. Youth involvement is extremely important on climate change issues. Join us! If you have questions, suggestions or you would like to be part of this sub-commission, contact us! Email: unfccc.ip@ifsa.net [/accordion] [accordion title=”Sub-Commission for UN CBD“]

Sub-Commission for UN CBD

As our main task, we have to keep contact with UN-CBD to get all of information related the program  such as COP UN-CBD, help IFSA delegation to attend COP UN-CBD, organize and co-ordinate biodiversity events (local region). Email: uncbd.ip@ifsa.net [/accordion] [accordion title=”Sub-Commission for UNFF“]

Sub-Commission for UNFF

Serve as the bridge of communication between IFSA world and UNFF. In charge of everything concerning UNFF. Email: unff.ip@ifsa.net [/accordion] [accordion title=”Sub-Commission for Forest Europe (MCPFE)“]

Sub-Commission for Forest Europe (MCPFE)

Our working group follows the process of Forest Europe – intergovernmental conferences on forests in pan-European region. The process is currently focusing on negotiating a Legally Binding Agreement for Forests in Europe, which will be first binding document covering all aspects of forestry at once. As IFSA students, we can participate there as observers and representatives of forestry students worldwide. If interested in the topic, feel free to contact us! Email: mcpfe.ip@ifsa.net [/accordion] [/accordions] You can contact the commission by e-mail : international.processes@ifsa.net Or subscribe for the mailinglist by sending an email to: ifsaIPC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com]]>