Dear IFSA friends,

The brand new CDC, established by the General Assembly 2018 in Mexico, is here to support you in your role as an IFSA official, organising committees, member and/or the head of a delegation. We look forward to helping you on your way to becoming the best young scientists, policy experts or managers in all fields connected to forests.

We are a team of experienced and highly motivated students and young professionals from around the IFSA world (list our general locations) and our priorities for this IFSA year are to support our members in their IFSA work and to build cross-sectoral knowledge and skills within and across the IFSA network.

Are you organising an event or delegation at a conference? We can:

  • provide support and resources for designing and implementing workshops, online trainings, youth events or mentoring programs,
  • offer guidance for preparing and coordinating a delegation including tips on how to represent IFSA,
  • connect you to current and previous officials and IFSA partners who can share their experiences and support.

Do you want to build the capacity of your local or regional members? We can:

  • help you design training and capacity building workshops,
  • provide you with a range of resources and activities to build knowledge, skills and connections,
  • connect you to regional training organisations and support networks, including for education, fundraising and language support.

Do you want to improve the working culture, effectiveness and impact of your IFSA/project team? We can:

  • support you in building the cultural competencies of your team,
  • help you design and implement monitoring and evaluation programmes

(e.g. surveys, interviews, reporting) to assess the effectiveness of your projects,

  • provide advice and resources for team-building activities and project coordination.

And so much more!

Our team is here for YOU – so please get in touch with us via e-mail and find out how we can sup-port you!

We look forward to working and having fun with you over the coming year.


Capacity Development Commission team