Forest Education Database

This easily-searchable, sortable database provides quick access to a list of more than 900 forest-related university programs (BSc, MSc, and PhD) at more than 400 institutions worldwide.

This tool is intended to enhance forestry students’ mobility and to promote forest education activities online. It has been made available by the cooperation and partnership of the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education and the Global Forestry Information Service (GFIS).New media technology education and e-learning concept tree with back to school subjects icon set. EPS10 vector file organized in layers for easy editing.

A core component of the website is to build a repository of useful education-related information: news, research blogs, online courses and webinars, scholarship and mobility opportunities, research contracts, internships, and open-access publications and theses, etc. Institutions are encouraged to share this information with GFIS through the use of RSS feeds, or submit it manually. This will ensure the education content found on GFIS will be up-to-date and always showing the latest news, research, and opportunities.

Our collective effort to compile and share forest education information provides users with direct access to an unprecedented global listing of forest education resources. We are looking forward to the opportunities that this information will create for users worldwide.

Please get back to us with your feedback and comments via the links provided at . You have the opportunity to submit institutions or universities which are not yet included, and we encourage you to share feedback on use-experience bugs, broken URLS, spelling mistakes, etc. in order to help us improve and develop the Forest Education Database  ]]>