IFSA Structure Review is a project initiated by IFSA Consulting Members. The vision and dream is, through a structure review, to enable IFSA to foster the development of a stronger, more efficient and sustainable association: IFSA would be able to get to know its members’ expectations, to discuss potential answers and organize actions accordingly, and to monitor and evaluate these answers. The association would support and provide opportunities for members with all levels of experience to fulfill the projects they bring into IFSA.

The mission is to identify long existing problems of the association related to the structure and to provide long-term solutions through a collaboration with IFSA members. The IFSA Structure Review coordinators will focus on fostering discussions on structural issues through different platforms that allows interested IFSA members to exchange their thoughts, and they will focus on delivering solutions to the IFSA board and GA.

Further information please visit the project website:


Contact information: ifsa.structure@gmail.com