Others International Students’ Associations in the world You can find on this page many links to others international students’ associations over the world. Most of them are a member of the International Forum of International Students’ Organizations (IFISO). Don’t hesitate to contact one of them to know if they have a local committee in your city! [su_nt_divider]

AEGEE – European students’ forum

AEGEE is an interdisciplinary organisation, promoting a unified Europe, cross-border co-operation, communication and integration in academic environment, and at the same time striving to create an open and tolerant society of tomorrow. It is represented in 271 university cities, in 40 countries all around Europe and has about 17 000 members. Web page: http://www.aegee.org/

AIESEC – International Association of Students interested in Economics and Management

AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society. Along with providing over 5,000 leadership positions and delivering over 350 conferences, AIESEC runs an exchange program that enables over 3,500 students and recent graduates the opportunity to live and work in another country. Present in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories, we engage around 20.000 young people at any point of time in different activities and 3000 organizations in our International Internship Program. Since 1948, when AIESEC was founded, more then 1 million people went trough the experience of AIESEC. Please visit our website to find out more about us. Web page: http://www.aiesec.org/

ALECIF – Asociación Latinoamericana de Estudiantes de Ciencias Forestales

The Latin America Forest Students’ Association.

BEST – the Board of European Students of Technology

BEST is an organisation managed by students which strives to make technology students more international minded by encouraging their mobility and intercultural communication. Founded in 1989 BEST is currently present in over 60 universities in almost all countries across Europe. We offer 3 main services to European students of technology : academic and nonacademic courses, support to start an international career and involvement in the European educational system by participation in several thematic networks from the European Commission. Web page: http://www.best.eu.org/

CONECIF – Corporación Nacional de Estudiantes de las Ciencias Forestales

The National Chilean Association of students in forest sciences. Web page: http://www.conecif.cl

EDSA – European Dental Students Association

The European Dental Students Association (EDSA) was founded in Paris in November 1988. Now, the EDSA represents over 65,000 dental students in the European region. More and more dental students do see the need of coming together and talk about their differences but even more about the things they have in common. Web page: http://www.edsa.globaldent.com/Info.php

EFPSA – European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations

EFPSA actively helps any type of student mobility: exchanges between two or more countries, summer schools, seminars, etc. The Research Network helps psychology students engage in joint research projects, promote their own research on an international level, or find articles that are not available in the home country. Via a Travel Network. EFPSA wants to create a network of psychology students who want to provide their colleagues with free lodging, in exchange for the same service. Web page: http://www.efpsa.org/

EMA – Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association

EMA is an international organization that links students and alumni in all Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses – representing almost 100 joint masters’ courses (across various academic disciplines) and in 200 European universities. EMA serves the interests of alumni and students, notably by providing a forum for networking, communication and cooperation – and by promoting Erasmus Mundus as a European programme of excellence in international education. Web page: http://www.em-a.eu/

EMSA – European Medical Students’ Association

EMSA aims to provide a European network for communication and a platform for medical students to defend their interests, ensuring quality of medical education, representing them and cooperating with other international organizations. Therefore it organizes congresses, workshops and symposium on medical ethics, medical education and medical science, and has a few other projects like Teddy Bear Hospital, Working Abroad Database, EuroTalk, Twinning Project and Summer Schools. Web page: http://www.emsa-europe.org/

EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association

EPSA is an independent student organization that represents over 120 000 pharmacy students. Now structured on Working Committees (special interest groups) EPSA encourages contact and co-operation among pharmacy students, developing their interests and opinions. EPSA stimulates scientific, educational and mobility projects, striving to gather students from the 42 member associations in four regular events: Annual Congress, Summer University, Autumn Assembly and Annual Office Reception. Web page: http://www.epsa-online.org/

ESN – Erasmus Student Network

ESN aims at working in the interest of students who are spending a part of their professional education at a higher education institution in a country other than the one in which their home institution is situated, by means of: Improvement of the social and practical integration of exchange students at their host institution, Representation of the needs and expectations of exchange students on the local, national and international level, Provision of relevant information about academic exchange programs and ESN resources, Reintegration of homecoming students by making them active in the network, Contribution to evaluation of different exchange programs. ESN aims at creating the conditions for better understanding of each others cultures and national habits between students of different nationalities. ESN works without being associated with any political party or confessional grouping. Web page: http://www.esn.org/

ESSA – European Sociology Students’ Association

ESSA is international students’ association whose fundamental purpose is to gather sociology students and sociology students’ clubs from all over Europe. Web page: http://www.essa-sociology.org/

ESTIEM – European STudents of Industrial Engineering and Management

ESTIEM was created to increase communication and cooperation between students and institutions of technology in Europe within the field of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). It organizes a wide scope of activities such as exchanges, conferences, case competitions, lectures and workshops. Web page: http://www.estiem.org/

EUROAVIA – European Association of Aerospace Students

EUROAVIA is the European Association of Aerospace Students, founded in 1959 and present in 31 cities in 17 European countries, with a total of more than 1000 members. Being a non-political, non-profit association, EUROAVIA is managed exclusively by students with its various activities being entirely financed by membership fees and sponsoring. Web page: http://www.euroavia.net/

EYF – European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform, representing 99 National Youth Councils and International Youth Organisations from across Europe. It works to empower young people to participate actively in society to improve their own lives, by representing and advocating their needs and interests and those of their organisations towards the European Institutions, the Council of Europe and the United Nations. Web page: www.youthforum.org

FISEC – Food Industry Students European Council

The main goal of FISEC is to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge among students studying a food related course in Europe. FISEC strives to maintain a close relationship between students, universities and food companies, whereas together all parties may contribute to the sustainable development of the food sector. Apart from this, the students involved, can evolve and accompany the constant changes of the food industry, gaining multidisciplinary skills and dynamic orientations. Web page: http://www.fisec.de.vu/

IAAS – International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences

Mission Statement: “To promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, to promote the mutual understanding between students in the field of agriculture and related sciences in the world” The International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences was founded in 1957 and gathers today 49 countries. The backbone of IAAS is its local committees through which it carries out its activities which are seminars, conferences, VCPs, exchange programme, meetings etc. With our external Partners we are involved in projects on higher education, hunger concern etc… Web page: http://www.iaasworld.org/

IADS – International Association of Dental Students

Next to the Annual World Congress of Dental Students, IADS offers many things to dental students, including an International Student Exchange Programme, which allows students to visit a foreign country and experience its culture and its dentistry, both scientifically and clinically. In collaboration with the World Health Organisation, IADS runs a Voluntary Work Abroad Scheme, which allows students to experience primary oral healthcare in a developing country. Web page: http://www.iads-web.org/

IAPS – International Association of Physics Students

IAPS promotes peaceful relations among physics students around the world and exposes physics students to the international physics community. We organise annually international activities of scientific as well as social interest to encourage physics students in their academic and professional work in an international context. IAPS acts as a liaison between physics students and the physics community and promotes physics for the general public. Web page: http://www.iaps.info/

IAPSS – International Association for Political Science Students

IAPSS is a worldwide political science students’ association with member associations and individual members in 44 countries. Our vision is generating and promoting opportunities for full actualization of political science students cooperating through a global communication network based on values – political independence, professionalism, respect for diversity and knowledge. We strive to stimulate international discussions about various topics of political science and encourage research and concern for significant contemporary political and social problems and policies. Web page: http://www.iapss.org/

IEEE – the student body of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 360 000 individual members in approximately 175 countries. Through its members, the IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas ranging from computer engineering, biomedical technology and telecommunications, to electric power, aerospace and consumer electronics, among others. The IEEE holds annually more than 300 major conferences. Worldwide there are nearly 1 200 educational institutions with IEEE Student Branches. Web page: http://www.ieee.org/

IFMSA – The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

IFMSA is a global network that connects hundreds of thousands of medical students from 88 countries on 6 continents. IFMSA was founded 1951 and its mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. IFMSA activities comprises exchanges, public health campaigns, humanitarian projects, trainings, conferences, workshops, databases and publications and are organized in 6 standing committees on Professional/Research Exchange, Reproductive Health, Public Health, Refugees and Peace, and Medical education. On the international level, it connects its student activists to relevant partners, including a great number of NGOs and the UN-system. Web page: http://www.ifmsa.org/

IPSF – International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation represents approximately 350,000 pharmacy students and graduates of up to four years in 90 countries worldwide.IPSF was founded in 1949 and aims to study and represent the interests of pharmacy students worldwide and encourage international co-operation amongst them. Activities include the annual congress, regional symposiums, student exchange programme, public health campaigns, professional development campaigns and competitions, international research on pharmacy education and practice, publications, and the village concept project. Web page: http://www.ipsf.org/

IPSO – International Psychology Students Organisation

IPSO is a web-based organisation with a free-of-charge membership of experienced psychology students from 75+ different countries. Services for IPSO members include mailing lists for specific topics and language groups, an extensive links page, and a helpdesk for students with international or organisational ambitions. Web page: http://www.psychologystudents.org/

ISAVCP – the International Students’ Association for Village Concept Projects

ISAVCP helps villagers in low-income countries to improve their living conditions by enabling students from different countries and backgrounds to work together in the village and to learn about developmental work. Web page: http://www.vcp.interconnection.org/

ISHA – International Students of History Association

ISHA is an international, mostly Europe-based, network of students of history and related sciences, which was founded in 1989 in Hungary. By exchanging views, we hope to improve our understanding of history, culture and of each other. At the centre of our activities are the international meetings we have several times per year. With these meetings we provide opportunities to discuss various topics of history, meet new people with similar academic interests, establish international contacts and explore other countries. Web page: http://www.isha-international.org/

IVSA – International Veterinary Students’ Association

The IVSA was founded in 1951 and is strictly a non-profitable, non-political organization, based on volunteer efforts of veterinary students worldwide. Effective communication on an international as well as a local level has resulted in current membership encompassing 150 faculties in 56 countries worldwide. The IVSA aims to raise the overall level of veterinary education worldwide by increasing the international exchange of ideas and knowledge. Through numerous projects the IVSA does everything in its power to have its members up on their feet when they begin their careers. Web page: http://www.ivsa.org/

JADE – European Confederation of Junior Enterprises

JADE is a student-run, pan-European network representing about 20.000 young entrepreneurs in more than 150 local non-profit organisations, called Junior Enterprises. By running professional consulting studies and managing small- to medium sized enterprises, the students add practical experience to their theoretical skills, develop entrepreneurship at an early stage, enhance their skills as well as horizons and of course prepare themselves for challenging careers throughout Europe. Web page: http://www.jadenet.org/

PRIME – European Association of Public Relations and Communications Students

PRIME is an independent, non-profit organization, fully run by and for students who study PR and Communication sciences, or other related study programmes, at universities across Europe. The Association consists of 16 member countries and 12 contact countries, gathering over 500 European Students. PRIME aims at helping its members to prepare themselves for a future career as Public Relations and Communication professionals in Europe. Web page: http://www.prime-europe.org/

WISE – World Initiative of Students for Exchange

WISE wants to promote understanding and interaction among students of all subjects on both international and local level. To achieve this aim WISE is organising various projects, such as courses and workshops with academic and cultural content. Web page: http://www.wise-global.org/]]>