Every year we work on bettering the structure and statutes of our beloved organization – IFSA.

Last year, the GA gave the mandate of undertaking a significant Statute re-structure to the IFSA Statutes Change Task Force (comprising of IFSA officials and board). This mandate involved two consultation processes open to all IFSA members and the first consultation is now!  Every year we spend 5-6 hours going through statutes at the General Assembly, by getting everyone’s input before the GA we can simplify this process while making sure that everyone is given a chance to make a change. Below you can find the current statutes of IFSA and the new proposed statutes we plan to approve at the General Assembly in Mexico this summer. The Statutes are now split in two parts:
  1. Statutes

    a document that describes the core foundation of your organization  (should, ideally, not be changed annually)
  2. Rules of Procedure

    a document that provides further guidelines for the core activities and  functioning of your organization (can change more often/as needed)
You can make any changes or suggestions to both parts. When giving input, make sure to:
  • put the number (or title) of article you are commenting OR
  • copy/paste the old version and then underneath write your suggestion/comments.
The first round of comments/suggestions will last until 20th March. We will review all suggestions, produce a second draft, and launch a second consultation with the new version in April. Documents for Download Current: Statutes + By-Laws + Decrees Proposed: ‘New’ Statutes + Rules of Procedure (Draft 1) Form for Comment:  If you have any questions feel free to email the statutes councilor at dolores.pavlovic.ifsa@gmail. com]]>