Currently, IFSA has 85 Local Committees around the world and connects around 26000 people just via its social media channels. [thermometer raised=520 target=2600 align=right height=300]

IFSA is one of the largest organizations connecting forestry and related sciences’ students globally. Together, we can make something happen. Take part in the 1 Euro Challenge.

Why 1 Euro? – Everybody in favour of IFSA’s aims and taking part in its activities should be able to contribute very little. 1 Euro is very little. But also very little is valuable, if a large group of people put together each 1 Euro! 1 Euro is not worth it? – In case you want to donate more than 1 Euro, we are very honored to receive your donation. In that case just change the 1 (in the top line of the donation form “My donation: X €”) to the value you would like to donate. Furthermore, all transaction fees (credit card and PayPal) are covered by the betterplace platform that runs the donation form! What is the money used for? – For developing IFSA, its functioning and its activities. We would like to produce IFSA pins for better representation at international events, further money will go into our IFSA Funds and be directly benefiting our members.
Donors so far: 58. The challenge thermometer will be updated once a day at around 8 p.m. CET.  See it rise!  

Take part in the IFSA 1 Euro Challenge and donate 1 Euro now!