Have you ever wondered…
… how trade-offs and synergies between different forest ecosystem services are perceived, governed and managed across Europe and beyond?
… what concepts exist for integrated forest management and what drives them?
… what we know about the impact of such management concepts on the ecological structures and interactions in forests?

From the 26th to the 28th of February, policymakers, practitioners and academic researchers from different field convene in Bonn, Germany to shine a light on these questions in an interdisciplinary dialogue.

IFSA calls for interested members who want to contribute to such a dialogue and dive into the world of forest governance. A small number of students’ and junior researchers will be provided free accommodation and access to the conference.
Apply here until the 8th of February and seize this unique opportunity! Just fill in this form and become part of an IFSA delegation!

You can find out more about this conference by clicking here!

Any queries should be sent to the coordinator of the IFSA delegation, Ján Matúš Urbančík; [email protected]