The Local Committees

IMG_5929-300x200Members of IFSA are generally  local associations of students of forestry sciences, called Local Committees (LCs), which have chosen to share ideas, culture and experiences with people from all over the world. The International Forestry Students’ Association counts 92 LCs from more than 45 countries around the world structured into 7 regions.

Individual persons can also be members of IFSA under some conditions that you can find having a look, on the different kinds of membership proposed by our association.

Many of your questions about IFSA membership and members will be answered by browsing on the different pages of this section. Here you can find a list of the IFSA Members’ country/province and respective region nomenclature. Below, you find all the IFSA Members listed by region.     This map tells the field stories of participants from the Youth In Landscapes (YIL) Initiative. This map tells the stories of young professionals working across boundaries and disciplines to innovate solutions at the landscape level. Each pin is a story of one project created after the YIL experience, and is linked an individual who is dedicated and passionate. Explore! See more!]]>