IFSA News Factory

The IFSA News Factory is the new system to manage the news submissions of IFSA.

This platform is common for both the students and all IFSA Officials (Regional Representatives, Commissioners and Board) as this is the primary gateway for all information to be screened and to be published on the website afterwards. Further, the news will be automatically published on IFSA’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok and the best articles will be featured in the monthly IFSA Newsletter.

As explained in the infographic this is the flow of the News:

  • The author (Official, IFSA member) submits the article using the Google form (with at least one image and captions). The article must be submitted as a Google Doc (preferred) or Microsoft Word document (other formats will not be accepted!).
  • The Publications Sub-Commission reviews the article and contacts the author if there are any changes to be made.
  • Later the articles are uploaded on the website under the suitable category.
  • The Social Media Sub-Commission then republishes it on all suitable social media channels based on the defined categories.
  • The best articles will then be featured on the IFSA Newsletter every month.
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The different types of content received from students and IFSA officials will be screened, categorized and published online under the following topics:

  • Opportunities – This section is exclusively for all IFSA members and officials to make announcements for specific events. The sub categories are given below:
    • Open calls for Officials’ positions
    • Open calls for events for both delegations and regional events
    • Event announcements such as webinars, conferences etc.
    • Opportunities from partners (not managed by IFSA) such as internships, jobs, etc.
  • My IFSA Experience – This section is common for students, Officials and Alumni to share their personal experiences with IFSA.
    • Testimonials from Alumni
    • Tree House stories
    • Internship experiences
    • Personal IFSA stories (General stories from IFSA members)
  • Internal – This section is to reach out all IFSA members, hence the name internal. It includes all communications within IFSA and not individual experiences.
    • Local Committee News
    • IFSS
    • Board updates
    • Event reports
    • Regional Meetings
    • IFSA Officials info, such as official of the month/new official
  • Public Relations – This section includes all official information for the general public .
    • Annual reports
    • Press statement

On the IFSA website you can browse news in different ways: the most recent ones; by their category; from a relevant page (eg. partner description, regional page). Moreover, the most important news will be pinned.

The categorized information will later be posted on various social media platforms to reach out to the forestry student community and partner organisations such as FAO, CIFOR, EFI, IUFRO and ITTO etc. Additionally, an IFSA newsletter will also be published every month with only selected content (based on the significance of the topic) from various categories.

You can submit your content by using this form https://forms.gle/7dGJEzEHRuizuD1X7