Open Call for Speakers at the Youth Environment Assembly 5.1

The Youth Environment Assembly will take place on 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20 February in lead the
up to United Nations Environment Assembly UNEA 5.1.
The main objective of the Youth Environment Assembly is to provide a self-organized space for
training and capacity building for youth participating at UNEA 5.1.
YEA will provide the possibility to engage in dialogue with decision-makers and showcase
examples of youth environment advocates. YEA will be a conference which is organized and
run by youth and for youth.
For the conference, there are sessions with 1-2 open slots for members of UNEP MGCY. There
are a variety of sessions that will have youth environment advocates as panelists, as speakers
reading a short intervention text or youth speakers or children showcasing a project their
working on.
UNEP MGCY calls for children and youth to express interest to be a speaker/ panelist/
intervention presenter or project presenter at the Youth Environment Assembly.
The different opportunities and topics are stated in this form. We kindly invite you to indicate
your experience relevant to the session you are applying for.
It is possible to select several options but we encourage you to select carefully as you will have
to describe your experience.
If you are interested to simply join as a participant, please register through the following

Please fill out this registration form by 8th of February 2021 – 23:59 GMT+0!