The IUCN One Nature, One Future Global Youth Summit is a 10-day virtual conference intended to strengthen connections between young leaders and their existing global networks, encourage interdisciplinary learning, provide a space for broader storytelling on conservation, and add momentum to growing youth movements for nature and climate. 

In addition to helping to make the conference run well, GYS volunteers have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, exposure to informative workshops, and connection to a global youth nature network. There are three different types of volunteers: 1) communications volunteer 2) rapporteur volunteer, and 3) technology volunteer.

General Volunteer Information (Applies to All Positions)

Location: Virtual

Date of Conference: The Global Youth Summit runs from April 5 to April 16, 2021. Events are largely between 10am and 8pm UTC. 

Position is unpaid

Age Requirement: 15-35

Dress Code: Business Casual

Language: English, French, and/or Spanish

General Benefits: Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend some sessions, and to network among themselves and with certain members of the GYS staff. Volunteers will also receive a premium virtual GYS gift bag.

  1. Rapporteur Volunteer

Responsibilities: GYS will host a variety of sessions over its 10-day schedule. Each session will need a rapporteur volunteer present. Rapporteur volunteers will need to take notes during the session and write a summary that will then be used in our executive report of the conference. 

Qualifications: Rapporteur volunteers need to have strong skills in note taking and writing. 

  1. Technology Volunteer

Responsibilities: GYS will host many sessions over its 10-day schedule. Each session will need a technology volunteer present. Technology volunteers will need to be attentive during the session and ready to handle any technical issues that arise. 

Qualifications: Technology volunteers must have familiarity with Zoom, the capability to learn and understand technical troubleshooting, and a reasonable assurance of having a strong internet connection during GYS. Prior technical troubleshooting experience is preferred, but not required.

  1. Communications Volunteer

Responsibilities: GYS is intended to connect youth from all around the world and build upon existing youth climate networks. Communications volunteers will participate in strategy meetings with GYS staff to prepare social media content and may sit in on conference sessions to live report. They will also help disseminate information about GYS through various social media platforms and help to maximize attendance and impact of the conference. 

Qualifications: Communications volunteers need to have social media experience and familiarity with popular platforms, interest in public outreach and communications, strong writing skills, ability to work on a team, and creativity. Graphic design and professional social media experience preferred, but not required.

Please feel free to contact David Almeida at [email protected] or Joaquin Gutierrez at [email protected].