Dear IFSA World, RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests is excited to invite IFSA members to connect and share ideas with like-minded individuals who want to build a sustainable partnership between our lives and our forests. To do so, RECOFTC will host a forum on the vital connection between the forest and us. It is called People and Forests Forum that will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 19th – 20th 2018 with the theme “Forests are us : Why Forests Matter”. This forum aims to  interact and guide audiences, particularly urban residences to a better understanding of the question “What is your idea for sustaining healthy forests?”. This forum also will explore why and how we are intricately connected to the forests and to those who preserve it. The participants will also hear from experts on how we can help contribute to the sustainable management of such a necessary aspect of our life. This is a great chance for you who loves to learn more about social forestry and sustainable forest management. This 2-day exciting event will bring you directly to the field where you can hear what is local community needs from the forest. There will be site visit on the local market in Bangkok and followed by thematic session after Day 1. IFSA itself will actively contribute to give TED Talk and organizing Youth Session there. So, if you are planning to contribute on this event, please fill out the following link as part of the application process :