Panel with Amina J. Mohammed (second from left)[/caption] In her encouraging and inspiring speech, she made a strong link between the Agenda 2030 (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. “We are meeting in an exciting time, a time of change and action drafting a better future.”  She is convinced that we are capable to address our goals. Large countries are already acting. We can see progresses as the inventions in renewable energies are rising significantly and several countries announced long-term goals to address climate change. This shows the world is in action. Still we need to improve and scale up the NDCs to close the gap. She stressed out that “Each country, each sector has a crucial role to play”. Amina J. Mohammed emphasized that she wants to keep every nation in the process (probably regarding the “orange guy” like Trump is called here by some people…). We must keep the ambitions although right now the geopolitical situation might be challenging. In the end the incoming presidency of Fiji thanked Amina J. Mohammed for the strong signal of support for COP22 and COP23. This is an important signal to push the negotiations forward and to keep the momentum going.]]>