You can find on this page reports of IFSA’s participation to International Processes related to forest or environmental sector. If you are interested in forest policy, don’t hesitate to read them and contact the IFSA International Processes Commission for further information. You can also find on this page links to all International Processes linked to Forest or Environmental fields. [su_nt_accordions] [accordion title=’25th Session of the FAO Asia Pacific Forestry Commission‘]

25th Session of the FAO Asia Pacific Forestry Commission

Location: New Zealand Date: November 2013 Author(s): Sarah Dickson-Hoyle The 25th session of the APFC was held in Rotorua, New Zealand, from November 5th – 8th, 2013. This biannual meeting brought together over 200 delegates from 29 of the 33 member countries of the Asia Pacific Forestry Commission, along with observers from NGOs, research institutes, and the private sector, to address regional issues and to make recommendations to the FAO for future directions and action in the region. Report: Report-FAO-APFC-2013 [/accordion] [accordion title=’COP 18 Climate Conference‘]

COP 18 Climate Conference

Location: Qatar Date: December 2012 Author(s): Christian Lankinen IFSA has been involved in the international processes of the United Nations for many years. Each year, the IFSA “Commission for International Processes” organizes a student delegation to the Climate Change Conference, where all 193 UN member states meet to discuss political decisions to solve the climate crisis. This year‘s COP (= Conference of the Parties), the 18th of its kind, took place in Doha,Qatar. Nine IFSA students applied for COP18 of which four finally participated in the desert city’s conference. We had an international crew from four different countries: Finland, Germany, Austria and South Africa. As an accredited NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), IFSA has the position of an official observer of the negotiations and is granted entrance to all open meetings of the parties or subsidiary bodies. Report: Report 18 COP Qatar 2012 [/accordion] [accordion title=’11th Meeting of Conference of Parties to The Convention on Biological Diversity‘]

11th Meeting of Conference of Parties to The Convention on Biological Diversity

Location: India Date: October 2012 Author(s): IFSA LC UGM Report of IFSA participation in CBD COP 11: CBD COP 11 was attended by Ahmad Karsidi, Citra Gilang Qur’ani, Alfi sofyan dan Putri Permatasar Delegates finally able to participate on behalf of IFSA representing students and youth by generous support from sponsor and donors. Within the conference, delegates not only play their role as an observer but also speak to two side events which are Global Youth Action on Biodiversity matters and International University Network on Cultural and Biodiversity, and making collaboration with other youth organization to voice the important of youth to CBD. Report: Report 11th CBD India 2012[/accordion] [/su_nt_accordions]]]>