Dear IFSA Family,

We are happy to announce that the new IFSA team for 2020/21 is now complete, and we offer our heartfelt congratulations to all the new Officials.

The majority of IFSA Officials started the new term more than a month ago and have already actively begun to fulfill their tasks, but some have joined the team only recently. Now we finally have a hardworking team of 53 Officials.

You can see the whole team at or by checking the list at the end.

We truly believe that with such an amazing, diverse and motivated team we can have a great IFSA year. Together we’ll find a way to successfully navigate our association through these unprecedented times maximizing the opportunities offered by the online engagement and trying to minimize the issues.

We’re proud of having an amazingly diverse team this year both region- and gender-wise, so here are some statistics about us!

For a world that appreciates forests,

IFSA Board

Full list of Officials for 2020/21 term:


President: Alina Lehikoinen

Vice-President: Simone Massaro

Treasurer: Barbara Öllerer

Executive Secretary: Pedro Almeida

Council Membership: Yu-Tung Hung

Council External: Konstantin Schwarz

Council Internal: Estefani Arroyo Vargas

External Department

Partners Commission (PAC)

Head of Partners Commission: David Almeida

HoSC IUFRO: Mayté López

HoSC EFI: Magdalena Jovanovic

HoSC CIFOR: Oluwaseun Adekugbe

HoSC ITTO: Madeleine Scharnweber

HoSC RECOFTC: Hiromi Waragai

HoSC The Forest Dialogue: Stella Ndagire

Head of FAO Sub-Commission: Volodymyr Kravets

Head of IUCN Sub-Commission: Joaquín Gutierrez Sotelo

International Processes Commission (IPC): Poonam Ghimire

Head of International Processes Commission

Head of Forest Europe Sub-Commission: Krystelle Saller

Head of UNCBD Sub-Commission: Elaine Huang

Head of UNEP Sub-Commission: Amaitum Joshua Elukut

Head of UNFF Sub-Commission 1 Years: Frederik Buchholz

Head of UNFF Sub-Commission 2 Year: Erica Di Girolami

Head of UNFCCC Sub-Commission: Aditi Mishra

Internal Department

Communication Commission (CC)

Head of Communication Commission: Annebel Soer

Head of Web Sub-Commission: Jonas Sitte

Head of Social Media Sub-Commission: Isabelle Claire P. Dela Paz

Head of Podcast Sub-Commission: Damiano Cilio

Head of Wikipedia Sub-Commission: Yael Dávila Martínez

Head of Design Sub-Commission: Cristina Marie Rubio

Head of Publications Sub-Commission: Yuyo Yeh

Capacity Development Commission (CDC)

Head of Capacity Development Commission: Paula Mae G. Dagsi

Head of Forestry Education Sub-Commission: Marsia Moutzouri

IUFRO Joint Task Force Coordinator: Alex Onatunji

IUFRO Joint Task Force Deputy-Coordinator: Juliet Achieng Owuor

Head of Language Sub-Commission: Steve Guzmán

Head of Carbon and Sustainability Sub-Commission: Philipp Höhme

Head of Mentorship Sub-Commission: Dare Adeagbo

Head of TreE-Learning: Jorge Antonio Leyca Chavez

Head of Treehouse Sub-Commission: Agustin Rosello Hinrichs

Head of Cultural Competencies Sub-Commission: Rahma Maulidhina

Membership department

Regional Representative Asia Pacific: Kent Daniel

Regional Representative Asia Pacific: Christina Ayu

Regional Representative Latin America: Jazmín López

Regional Representative Latin America: Yamile Sánchez

Regional Representative Canadian America: Gabriel Tremblay

Regional Representative Southern Africa: Phahadeli Doctor Tshego

Regional Representative Southern Africa: Ullirich Hechter

Regional Representative Northern Africa: Ebunoluwa Emmanuel Ogooluwa

Regional Representative Northern Africa: Francis Asamoah

Regional Representative Northern Europe: Kristen Kontaveit

Regional Representative Northern Europe: Johannes Herzog

Regional Representative Southern Europe: Šimon Hrbek

Regional Representative Southern Europe: Elif Naz Duman