Dear IFSA Family,

We are saddened to announce that IFSS 2021 will take place online instead of the originally planned in-person event. During this year, we have had to get used to and adapt to the restrictions brought by the pandemic. Many of the restrictions have especially limited travelling and big gatherings, and even though we hope that next year will be better than the current one, we can’t plan an event that requires more than 100 people travelling across the world.

This decision has been reached as the epidemic situation in Canada is not good at the moment. The borders are closed and for most foreigners it is not possible to get a visa. Even in next July it is still a possibility that the safety measures don’t allow large gatherings and even if they did, the event might have to be ended prematurely in case a participant got sick during the event. Altogether there are too many uncertainties to keep on planning the in-person event. Check the OC post for more information.


Together with the IFSS 2021 OC we are doing everything we can to bring you a worthy IFSS anyway. As said, we are not cancelling the event, but we are moving it online where participation is free and it can easily reach IFSA members all over the world.

To really make this the best possible online IFSS, we want to hear your ideas. We are planning a brainstorming workshop to collect ideas on possible activities.  Join us this Thursday the 3rd of December to bring your ideas and suggestions. You can find the full event information here.


Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

IFSA Board