The 7th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting is going to be held from May 29th to June 5th, 2020 in Taichung, Taiwan. Under the topic of “Not just forests, not only woods”, we hope to gather people’s knowledge and experiences of multiple values of forestry, and inspire possible strategies to raise the public’s awareness of the services that forests can provide.

1st Registration: Payment of Confirmation

Congratulations to the first applicants group who are accepted for APRM 2020! Remember to transfer the payment in time [January 20th] to ensure your eligibility.

2nd Registration: Application Form Open!

Second round registration is open now [January 1st – 31st]! This time, we welcome all IFSA members to participate! Slots for IFSA officials and members from other regions and the third (or more) representatives from AP LCs will be available. Priorities will be given to those Asia-Pacific LC who haven’t registered in the first round.


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