Online Asia Pacific Regional Meeting took place between 1-3 June with an amazing program thanks to great efforts of the Organizing Committee from LC Hokkaido University, Japan.

During the 3-day program, there were lectures from professors and a workshop by RECOFTC. Besides that, several IFSA events took place during the event such as International Night, Regional Elections, and LC Presentations.


Asia Pacific Election for the IFSA Term 2021/2022

During the Regional Elections, there were 4 candidates for the Pre-Selection of the Asia Pacific Regional Representatives for the IFSA Term 2021/2022. Now we are honored to announce the results of our election:

Pre-Selected Regional Representatives for the IFSA Term 2021/2022

  • Sofia Anne Dela Rosa, AFFS-UPLB, the Philippines
  • Ali Baluee, LC Sanru, Iran

Sofia Anne Dela Rosa, AFFS-UPLB

Ali Baluee, LC Sanru


Awards for LC Presentations

During the regional meeting, LCs made presentations under the theme “The Impact of COVID-19 in Their Forestry, Social Issues”. 10 LCs made presentations on the theme from various perspectives such as tourism, forest bathing, and indigenous communities. There were two awards: Best Presentation and The Most Unique Presentation. We are pleased to announce the winners of each category.


  1. Best Presentation

Nominatee: LC UGM, Indonesia

🏆Prizes: Nima (engraved wooden plates traditional among Ainu, the indigenous people in Hokkaido, Japan)


  1. The Most Unique Presentation

Nominatee: AFFA-UPLB, the Philippines

🏆Prizes: wood carving in the motif of hat-punkar, wild grapes


This report is written by Hiromi Waragai.