Gasy Forestry Students’ Association (GFSA)

Foundation of the association 

For the students of ESSA-Forest, the only study produces forest engineers in Madagascar, there is a lack of exchange and development in the field outside of studies. As far as the labour market is concerned, it is obvious that there are gaps in this area. One day when we discovered the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), an organization that connects forestry students around the world on Twitter, we were immediately attracted and decided to form the GFSA. 

GFSA’s founder 

The association has founded in 2019, by Dr Ntsiva N. ANDRIATSITOHAINA, the founder of GFSA and the first coordinator of the association, GFSA or Gasy Forestry Students’ Association, based in Antananarivo (Madagascar), “École Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques” (ESSA), Mention Forestry and Environment, has been part of IFSA International Forestry Students Association on August 17, 2020, and has approximately 50 members.  It is a great news and pleasure for us to be integrated at IFSA.  

Purpose and goal

The GFSA aims to strengthen students’ knowledge, not only in the classroom, but also in the skills needed in the field of work. Through various activities, for example, they practice cooperation, leadership and coordination, but above all awareness and responsibility because membership and coordination in the organization are voluntary. We also aim to connect (or “network”) them with students, foresters from around the world and with those who have graduated from the Department and are already working. 

Action already undertaken 

Many events have already been organized and participated in sharing and advocacy activities. 

Walk for the Forest: The first of these was the “Walk for the Forest 2019” which was led by about 8000 people across Madagascar as a common awareness of the destruction of forests and the environment. In Antananarivo alone, there are about 4 000 participants from 115 organizations, including the GFSA. 

Photo 1/ Walk for the forest 2019

The participation was very satisfying for the members as it not only increased the visibility of the organization but also awakened the awareness and determination of the individual. 

March 21, International Forest Day, is the day when we organize major events such as tree planting, conferences, discussions, etc…

Photo 2/ Conferences, International Forest Day March 2019

Photo 3/ Planting, International Forest Day March 2019

Online Learning Talks Series: There is also the “Online Learning Talks” which started last July 2020 and takes place every 2 months. This event is designed to meet the needs of members on topics that they feel are lacking in knowledge and need to be shared with those who already have experience. 

Bondy” Reforestation: Youth volunteers participated in planting trees: project “Bondy” on December 2020, including the GFSA association. This is rewarding because it makes the youth responsible for the reconstitution of ecosystems and the protection of the environment. One of the problems related to the failure of the tree planting is the lack of silvicultural care for the trees planted.

Photo 4/ Planting, “Bondy” Project 

However, the organizers of the “Bondy” project have ensured that the planting will not to go to waste, as all the trees planted will be maintained and cared for. 

Board updates

A general assembly was held on November for the election of new board 2020-2021, Ms. Estella R. ANDRIANARIMANANA, Master 2 student at the Graduate School of Agronomics Sciences, Mention Forestry and Environment was elected the new president of GFSA. An assessment of the activities carried out in 2019-2020 was evoked during the General Assembly under the directive of the elderly President of GFSA, Dr. Ntsiva ANDRIATSITOHAINA, who brought out the objectives achieved during the year 2019-2020 as well as the perspectives for the following year of application. 

Photo 5/ New board of the application year 2020-2021