Hey everyone,

This is AUSF Padua!!! On October 23rd there were elections for our new board! We are very happy to announce that 4 new positions have been filled by our new young members ! As you can see, the old plants are slowly giving way to the new seedlings 😉

Here there is the new board! From left to right: Alessia, Riccardo, Maria Chiara, Maddalena, Valerio, Alice, Giulia, Giulia, Alberto and Bruno.

So here we are, very excited and full of energy, ready to organize new activities for our members.

Don’t forget about our annual party on November 12th !

Sandwiches, beer, chips and good music for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Come enjoy with us! See you soon.

Good luck to all of our newly elected members and have a great IFSA year ahead.