Summary of the main activities organized in the year 2019.

  • Participation in the seminar « Arboretum around the world » 4-5.10.2019.
  • Coffee break with home made cakes at the University garden » 24.09.2019.
  • LC presentation on Welcome day at the university » 17.09.2019.
  • AUSF ITALIA assembly in Molise  » 22-26.07.2019.
  • Seminar about Castanea sativa and Dryocosmus kuriphilus at Antona, Apuan Alps, with researcher Alberto Maltoni  » 22-23.03.2019 and 22-23.07.2019.
  • Participation in AUSF Viterbo gemellaggio in Abruzzo  » 31-3.06.2019.
  • Visit to Natural Reserve of Maremma  Il parco dei monti dell’Uccellina” with IFSA LC Viterbo and professors Pietro Piussi and Luigi Hermanin  » 2.05.2019.
  • Organized the final year party at Vallombrosa “Foresta in Festa”, with food, homemade liquors and games   » 29.05.2019.
  • Participation at SERM Switzerland
  • Trekking at Calvana mount, near Florence.
  • International Day of Forests FAO, Rome  »  21.03.2019.


Further events

  • Seminar organised by Florence AUSF LC on the topic “Women in the forestry sector” where many professionals such as professors, researchers will share their experiences about their career and their point of view of the role and significance of women in the forestry sector – 27-11.2019.
  • Pizza all together 10.11.2019.
  • Participation to “Oltreterra- a new economy for the mountain” 8-9.11.2019.
  • Excursion for freshmen at Monte Senario, with botany and ecology professors 27.09.2019.