Welcome hike:

We started the new term at our university in October with a short hike for freshers from the first year, to welcome them into the IFSA family and to the wonderful world of forestry.

As a group of 30 people, we organized a hike to the Beech Forests of “Monte Cimino”, which we followed every year. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, these forests are characterized by their extraordinary biodiversity, aesthetic value and exceptionally large trees (some more than 50 meters high!).

New LC Board:

Later, during the first week of November, we elected our new members for our LC board and gave them a warm welcome to our IFSA family. The following people were elected –

President              : Simone Massaro

Vice-President     : Fabio Filippelli

Secretary              : Giacomo Cangelmi

Treasurer             : Luigi Angelini

Councillors          : Nadia Chirosca, Miriana di Bari, Gabriele Menghinelli