Dear IFSA world, dear forestry students,


We are pleased to launch this open call for joining the IFSA student delegation to Silva Network Annual Conference, 21 – 23 September in Estonia and hosted by the Estonian University of Life Sciences’ Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering. The conference is co-organized by the IUFRO education group

The Silva Network is a well-known network of more than 40 forestry faculties from mostly European countries. One of its main objectives is the improvement of higher forestry education and therefore the network is one of IFSA’s closest partners in terms of forestry education.

The theme for this year conference is; Self-study and activation of the learner.

In the trend of moving away from only ex-cathedra teaching to a learner-oriented approach various ways exists to motivate students in their learning effort. One aspect is the strengthening of self-study approaches. This learning-vehicle is classically subdivided in three segments which are accompanied self-study, individual self-study and free self-study. However, it is the idea to not only have a look at E-learning tools (like Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs), but to consider concepts for self-study in the field. Besides these dedicated instruments the conference in September 2016 focuses also on the general activation of the learner.

Looking back at recent SILVA Network conferences it can be noticed that the trend from teaching to learning was touched several times in various contributions, in particular during the Istanbul meeting in 2013. With a focused approach dedicated to these “learning instruments” the 2016 SILVA Network annual conference wants to highlight and give insight in how to deal with these topics/issues/items under the specific conditions in academic forestry education.”

Of particular note is that the IFSA Forestry Education Commission will be contributing at SILVA 2016 by presenting findings from a workshop that was facilitated at the just ended Southern Europe Regional Meeting 2016.  The workshop outlined the development of the student –focused initiatives in Europe through the SILVA network and what current forestry students perceive self-study and its future in forestry education

Be part of it and join us! Here is the link  to the IFSA delegation registration form

Please complete the form before 17 June 2016, 2300hours (GMT+2 ).

Once we have received your interest and your participation has been approved, you will receive a registration form for the conference and have to send it to the Silva Network.

In case of questions or something is unclear, please write directly to : [email protected]