Are you learning what today’s students really need to know? Do you want to improve forestry education in your regions, and elsewhere?    Forests and forest education are undergoing changes. To investigate new challenges and to call for improvements in the educational environment, a Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education (JTF) has been established by the IUFRO and IFSA Board last year.   One of the objectives of the joint project is to bring together perspectives and knowledge of students, educators and other stakeholders. At the same time the project aims to identify, compile and communicate the gaps and challenges in forest education.   For these reasons, a research project connecting research institutions, professionals and students was started. The collaborative project called “The Global Outlook on Forest Education” calls for help from students, working as assistant/associate researchers. We are looking for IFSA students, interested in joining this project conducting their final theses on the topic of forest education.    Are you interested? Write a short email until 25th of April to [email protected] indicating why you would like to join the project, including the name of your university and IFSA Local Committee. Feel free to ask any questions! We are looking for at least 2 students per continent to join the research team.  Dates to keep in mind: – Kick-off meeting of the project 14 of June 2016 in Helsinki, Finland – Presentation of research results at the 125 Years of IUFRO Anniversary Congress (19-22 September 2017, Freiburg Germany)   For more information visit]]>