[gallery ids="229,228" type="rectangular"] I also attended a presentation I was very curious about : Gender and climate justice : the good practices to deal with climate change. Naively, I didn’t see the link between gender equality and climate change. My vision evolved after this presentation. The struggle for gender equality is necessary and is at a different level in each country. In Africa, this struggle is particularly crucial in combination with climate change. To summarize quickly, on the region of the African continent, it is the women who take care of the most demanding task: fetching water. Usually, this activity takes an average of 3 hours and a half and bring back only 30 liters of water, potable or not. With climate change, this task is getting harder and harder and puts women in a more vulnerable position. Women are also more subjected to poverty in Africa than their counterparts, leaving them more vulnerable in the face of climate change. The link between gender and climate change is clear. Finally, it was a busy and stimulating day that covered various topics, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more forest details I hope. Bye!]]>