EFI-IFSA-IUFRO project employers’ interviews

The “Global Student Networking and Green Jobs in the Forest Sector” project is coordinated by the EFI in collaboration with IFSA and IUFRO. The project aims at providing insight into the future labour market including changing professional skills through systematic analysis of the development of employment in the forest sector globally. Global student networking and capacity development of forest students and young scientists are also essential elements of the project.

About the employers’ interviews
This is the last task in the project that commenced in December 2018. Selected forest-related employers from Brazil, Finland, Germany, South Africa and USA will be interviewed to find out their perceptions on the changing nature of employment of forest graduates in the sector up to present and in future as well as the skills and competencies needed. International forest-related employers will also be interviewed. The interviews will run from September to December 2021.

Aims of the employers’ interviews
To identify employers’ perceptions on:

  1. the changing nature of employability of forest graduates in the forest sector up to present and in future
  2. skills and competencies needed for employment in the sector.

Relevance of the employers’ interviews
The interview results will contribute to the global study on the future of forest related employment conducted by the project. The results will be disseminated among employers, educational institutions, as well as policy makers. In combination with the literature review and selected country reports on forest sector employment conducted in 2019, and the global student survey conducted in 2020, gaps between employers’ expectations, students’ expectations and what educational institutions offer will be identified.

Read more about the employers’ interviews in the concept note: https://bit.ly/3sH2Dd3

Want to be part of the employers’ interviews?

Volunteer to carry out the interviews!

What are we looking for?
Applications are invited from students (all tertiary levels incl. PhD) or recent graduates (not more than 1 year after graduation) in forest-related programmes.

  • Brazil (2 students/recent graduates)
  • Finland (2 students/recent graduates)
  • Germany (2 students/recent graduates)
  • South Africa (2 students/recent graduates)
  • United states of America (2 students/recent graduates)
  • International organizations (2 students/recent graduates from any part of the world)

What is in for you, as a student assistant?

  • Free interview training
  • Hands on interview and research experience
  • Working with a diverse group of international peers
  • Certificate of appreciation for your contribution
  • Acknowledgement of contribution in the project report

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