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International Forestry Students’ Symposium 2019

The International Forestry Students Symposium (IFSS) is the biggest IFSA event held during the year. In the symposium, students participate in various forestry activities, exchange information and share their experiences. During the organization, general assembly meetings are held, proposals made through commissions and working groups are discussed at the symposium with representatives of local committees from around 50 countries from all over the world and decisions are taken for IFSA. Subsequently, all IFSA positions for the following year are submitted for voting. During the symposium, students are visiting forests, natural and national parks, factories, institutes.


The 47th IFSS was hosted by Estonia this year. Main theme for this event was ‘’From Seed To Product’’. During the 2-week program by the Estonian University of Life Sciences; a lot of events have been organized such as city ​​tours and cultural presentations, international night and activities such as workshops with participants for new ideas as a teamwork. There were presentations about forestry in Estonia, visits to State Forest Enterprises, Lahemaa National Park, Sagadi Forest Museum, Mining Museum, Raitwood Factory, Laaska Hybrid Aspens and plantation forestry, factories such as Kodumaja, Osula Graanul & Toftan and the other forestry places.


The host country of the 2020 IFSS meeting will be Canada (Quebec).


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