Forests and transparency under the Paris Agreement: the second edition of the massive online open courses

50 IFSA students have the opportunity to join the second edition of the Massive online open courses (MOOC) – Forests and transparency under the Paris Agreement, from 24 May to 11 June 2021.

The importance of forest conservation in the global efforts to fight climate change is recognized by Article 5 of the Paris Agreement, which explicitly endorses the key role forests play in limiting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and, ultimately, in achieving the long-term goal of reducing global temperature rise to well below two degrees Celsius. 

Countries adhering to the Paris Agreement are required to report transparent and robust information on their emissions and on their implementation efforts, and in this context the quality of forest data is fundamental. 

This online course is aimed at presenting how reliable and transparent forest information is interrelated with several aspects of the transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. 

Participants start by reviewing the progressions achieved so far by international climate policy, what is coming up and what professionals and administrators interested in climate change and forestry policy and action will need to consider. At the end of the online course, participants learn that the principles and elements at the basis of a sustainable National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) are fundamental to meet the reporting requirements under the transparency framework established by the Paris Agreement. 

The course will be held simultaneously in English, French, and Spanish. During 3 weeks, participants will have the opportunity to join 4 modules with different topics related to the Paris Agreement. More information will be provided after registration.

After selection, 50 students will get the invitation to the course.

The deadline for the registration is 30 April 2021

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