The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), held on the 1st and 2nd of December in Bonn, Germany was once again an exceptional event with a bigger than ever youth delegation along with Youth In Landscapes (YIL) present and active.

We bring you our GLF impressions. IFSA officials present during the conference were tasked as groups to create short, digestible content for your use and pleasure. These topics, presented below, are the main concepts and ideas presented throughout the two day event. This short-course is aimed at providing you with a general introduction to the topics and then also provide you with a brief coverage of the GLF so you will be up to date.


Impression 1: Innovate, Educate and Youth.

The concept of Youth being that driver of change through innovation using their education to do so is forever being spoken. This was a key feature at the GLF with many organisations demonstrating their projects aimed at empowering and inspiring.


Impression 2: Policy and Finance.

Through a short segment of interviews we hope you get caught up with everything which is going on here. Policy and Finance is a huge topic and is always up for discussion. It is important to have a good grounding within this topic as it will affect your work, no-matter what path you take.


Impression 3: Sustainable Tropical Forestry.

Tropical forest degradation is a key driver of climate change. Managing these areas in a sustainable and holistic manner, whilst allowing those who live on that land to develop is an inherently complex matter with many influencing factors. Understanding these is vital for achieving all Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


Impression 4: Peatlands.

Peatlands are a huge carbon sink and store. Changing land-use paired with the ever expanding populations places stress upon a delicate ecosystem. To work and manage landscapes, understanding and managing these areas is necessary should we desire to mitigate climate change.