[Freiburg, Germany, August 29th, 2019] – Several representatives of the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) were invited by the United Nations to join the first ever UN Youth Climate Action Summit in New York City on Saturday, September 21st. As a matter of fact, 6 outstanding IFSA members were chosen among more than 7000 youth nominees to participate in this pinnacle event based on their commitment and previous work within the IFSA network. The historic summit will be a platform for young leaders who are driving climate action to showcase their solutions at the United Nations, and to meaningfully engage with decision-makers on the defining issue of our time. It will be the largest gathering of young climate leaders at the UN in history.

The selected IFSA representatives are

  •         Amos Amanubo, President
  •         Maximilian Schubert, Councillor for External Affairs
  •         Oindrilla Basu, Head of International Policy Commission
  •         Steffen Dehn, Head of the UN Forum on Forests Sub-Commission of the term   2018/19
  •         Salina Abraham, President of the term 2017/18
  •         Alex Onatuji, Northern African Regional Representative of the term 2018/19

The Youth Climate Summit will feature a full-day of programming that brings together young activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who are committed to combating climate change at the pace and scale needed to meet the challenge. It will be action oriented, intergenerational, and inclusive, with equal representation of young leaders from all walks of life.

“Youth are showing us the way on climate action,” said Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Action Summit, Luis Alfonso de Alba. “I am eager for young climate leaders from all over the world to take their rightful place on the global stage and participate in this historic moment.”