Dear IFSA world and Alumni,

the SAN is the supportive association of IFSA. Therefore, the SAN has two functions – to manage IFSA’s Supporting members (the S) and to coordinate its Alumni (the A). This year, at its 2020 General Assembly, the members of the SAN will have the chance to elect their 2020-2023 Board. This is a great chance to extent your IFSA experience and further serve the IFSA vision. Currently, however, the Board positions are open to (ordinary) SAN members that speak German language (this may be changed soon).

Nevertheless, with this news feature I would like to call for activity – within IFSA members to call for Supporting members to subscribe and within IFSA Alumni to become member of the SAN. If you are an IFSA Alumni and speak German: Consider applying for the SAN Board!

We are looking for motivated people that have innovation and energy for all remaining and upcoming tasks. The SAN is just three years of age, therefore there is lots to develop. You have the chance and opportunity to form the SAN and establish an international network of foresters and beyond.

In case you have any questions, please have a look on and in the SAN statutes. Or contact us as [email protected]. Applications for Board positions may directly go to [email protected]. Thank you!

Jonas Geschke, President of IFSA-SAN