The International Forestry Student’s Symposium (IFSS) is the biggest annual IFSA event. Each year this two week event is attended by over hundred students from all over the world. The symposium provides an opportunity to the students to exchange knowledge and share interests while participating in a range of forestry activities. During the Symposium the IFSA General Assembly takes place, and discusses all the different proposals collected through diverse commission and working groups. Furthermore, all IFSA positions for following year are put to a vote.

Throughout the Symposium the students travel around different regions of the host country. By doing this, students can obtain a global perspective of all the uses, traditions, development and culture of the visited places. The Symposiums serve as a tool to introduce students to a wide range of research centers and forestry companies. In addition, several state-of-the-art conferences are conducted by researchers and environmental entities’ personnel. Moreover, students can participate in workshops to develop personal and professional skills, and in multicultural meetings where all the participants briefly present the state of the forestry industry in their respective countries framed by the different regional traditions.