Angélica Lizbeth Alcántara Sánchezangelica

Hello everybody, my name is Angélica Lizbeth Alcántara Sánchez, I am from Tecámac, State of Mexico, México. I am a renewable natural resources engineer from Universidad Autónoma Chapingo where I am currently doing my thesis in Environmental Education in a protected natural area with preschool children. It is a pleasure to be part of the IFSA delegation at COP 13, I hope to learn and see how international politics works in the aspects of natural resource management. I also hope that the COP 13 discusses the true importance of biological diversity for sustaining life, its function as part of a culture, and the sustainable management that we must have to ensure that our own and future generations have a decent life. Saludos!!  

Leticia Quiahua Barrera

Hello everyone!Leticia My name is Leticia. I am from Mexico, I am currently a student at the Autonomous University of Chapingo and I am pleased to work as part of the IFSA delegation at COP13. My expectations for this important event are: We, as young people of the present, can link ourselves to make decisions based on the discussion of top leaders in the field of biodiversity, the knowledge acquired can serve as a basis for planning future projects and can also be Shared by us to other students. I am very grateful to be part of this great event.  

Luis Eduardo Sanchez Chavez

Hello everyone!Luis I’m Luis Eduardo Sánchez Chávez, graduated from a bachelor’s program in Forestry Engineering on Autonomous University of Chap ingo. Since the second year of my university studies I was part of IFSA as a Local Representative and today it is my pleasure to represent IFSA in this interesting meeting and I hope to provide you with updated information, discussions or other kind of papers related. This meeting will be held in my country and this represent a huge responsibility, specifically about sharing of benefits and maintaining the diversity of genetic resources and their associated traditional knowledge. Mexico have 1.9 million of kilometers and on this land lives around 30 million of people that belong to a native culture and that implies more than 64 languages and their variants. Sometimes the environmental policy does not take these facts in account and is the reason because I want to learn about the CBD and the viewpoint of the countries around the world in this topic.   Patrick Nykiel Greetings, I am Patrick Nykiel, originally from thepatrick far flung corner of the Australian continent known as Perth, I now live, study and work in Canberra; the nation’s capital. Currently completing my Masters degree in Forestry with a specialisation in policy, I come from a background in sustainability and ecology. While doing so I work for the parliamentary service in the research division of the library. Biodiversity has always been a keen interest of mine, the opportunity to attend COP13 of the CBD will be an enriching experience which I hope to take back to my colleagues at Parliament House and the Australian National University. I also hope it will inform my upcoming research which will be directed toward the philosophy of environmental management, and how different education techniques can promote different management approaches. Biodiversity will form a key part of that research, being a key indicator of ecosystem health and management.  

Denver Cayetanodenver.jpg

Denver from Belize here! Belize is the little country just south of the giant that is Mexico. I work as a Forest Biologist with the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute. We’re studying the effects of climate change and other stressors on forest dynamics among other things. I’m particularly interested in deepening my understanding of the politics surrounding biodiversity conservation. I’d also like to use this opportunity as a measuring stick to gauge Belize’s status as it related to biodiversity conservation. Not many young Belizeans get the opportunity to engage these processes so information sharing is very important to me.
Looking forward to engaging in this grand learning experience with you all. This is my first COP which makes it even more exciting.