Ordinary member“]

Ordinary member

Article (7.3) of IFSA Statutes. Ordinary members of IFSA can be students’ organizations that are open to all students of the university/ies (and/or similar institutions of internationally recognized university level) they are affiliated to and which have natural persons as members. Council should use their discretion to determine whether the structure of further education, the scientific or technical qualification offered and the connection to forestry is relevant to the goals and purpose of IFSA.

Membership fees are:
LIC: 30€
MIC: 60€
HIC: 125€
In other words, ordinary members are Local Committees (LC) of forestry students organized as local, democratic student groups affiliated to an University and with a connection to forest. The ordinary members are the only members having a voting right in IFSA. Only person member of an ordinary member organisation can take a position in the IFSA Board [/accordion] [accordion title=”Associate member“]

Associate member

Article (7.4) of IFSA Statutes. Associate members can be natural persons, students’ organizations and/or student body representatives that wish to be a member of IFSA without fulfilling the conditions to be an ordinary member.

Membership fees are:
LIC: 25€
MIC: 40€
HIC: 75€
Upon a well-founded request the Direction can reduce this fee for individual members.
Associate member can so be individual person, or a group of persons wishing to benefit of IFSA opportunities. Associate member does not have the right to vote at the General Assembly but can postulate to a position in a Commission or as Regional Representative or even as Liaison Officer [/accordion] [accordion title=”Consulting member“]

Consulting member

Consulting members can be natural persons who contribute their experience to IFSA. Most of the consulting members are former IFSA Officials who have retired of their responsibilities but whose knowledge is still useful to the current IFSA officers. See the list [/accordion] [accordion title=”Supporting member“]

Supporting member

Supporting members can be natural persons or organizations. Membership is obtained by making an annual contribution of a minimum value fixed by the General Assembly of IFSA. Supporting members receive IFSA News everytime a new issue of the magazine is published. If you want to become a supporting member or simply make a donation to IFSA, please contact the Treasurer by email at [email protected]. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Honorary member“]

Honorary member

Honorary members can be persons or organizations IFSA wishes to honor, and who/which have accepted being an honorary member of IFSA. See the list[/accordion] [/accordions]]]>