Read on to meet Charlotte, Samuel, Jennifer, and Vicky:

Charlotte Ross-Harris


G’day IFSA, my name is Charlotte and I have undertaken the position of Head of Sub-Commission UNFCCC this year. I am from Melbourne, Australia, where I am studying a Master of Forest Ecosystem Science. However this semester I am taking an exchange semester at the University of Freiburg in Germany. I am really interested in the carbon cycle and using trees and wood to our advantage in the face of climate change, hence why I am super excited to experience this year’s COP22 in Marrakesh. It will be my first experience in Africa and at an international conference. I am looking forward to the Moroccan culture as well as the process and side events we will be exposed to. Particularly it will be interesting to learn about the development of the Paris Agreement over the past year.

Samuel Agyemang Tutu

Hi IFSA community, my name is Samuel Agyemang Tutu. I am energetic, intelligent and hardworking graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, with background in Natural Resources Management.samuel.jpg I am valued by every team I work with because of my exemplary qualities and profound passion for excellence. I am a team builder and achiever, always ready to embrace new ideas, responsibilities, and other challenges which I am well able to meet and even exceed set targets. I demonstrate high sense of professionalism, versatility and determination to excel in every chosen endeavor As parties to the UNFCCC are getting ready to enter into force the Paris Agreement at COP22 in Morocco, I am indeed fortunate to part of the selected few to report to you the happenings as they unfold. I am committed to bringing to you the very best of reports on much anticipated deliberations on forestry, bio-economy, funding, capacity-building, youth engagement, education, NGO participation and governance, energy, and climate change. Thus, I wish to leverage on my involvement to explore new opportunities to advance the vision and mission of IFSA. This is the kind of passion I seek to pursue premised on the long-standing need for IFSA members to be equipped with a full arsenal of skills, tools and relevant information to launch well rounded and successful future careers.

Jennifer Dawes Jennifer.jpg

Hi IFSA! I’m Jen, from Australia! I am originally from Adelaide but have lived in Canberra for nearly 5 years – time flies when you’re…writing policy and managing projects! Anyway, I currently study at the Australian Nationaal University doing a Master of Environmental Management and Development, and have 1 semester to go after the current one. I’m also working full time at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency where I am a Client Manager for 6 projects aiming to better integrate renewable energy (solar PV in this case) into the Australian electricity grid. It’s incredibly interesting work and has really expanded my knowledge and understanding of renewable energy. I don’t actually have much of a history in the environment space, and only recently decided to study it after originally studying a Bachelor of Music Education over 10 years ago. It’s been a complete change in career but I’m loving every minute of it. I’m really keen to experience COP22 and see how the topics of sustainable development and forestry are discussed, particularly as the Paris Agreement comes into affect on 4 November 2016. I am also intrigued to hear what Australia’s representatives say about our target and what we intend on doing to achieve it, as this has been questioned quite substantially in recent media. I expect a lot of suits and ties doing their official business but I’m also excited to see what is on offer to the wider public, particularly in the context of helping them understand potential climate actions that can aid us in reaching the targets. I also hear there will be field trips to both solar and wind farms which will be highly relevant to my current work, and will provide invaluable insight into the international application of these technologies. I’m honoured to experience Week 1 with my IFSA companions and see what COP22 has to offer! Make sure you keep in the loop with all our blog posts!

Vicky Tremblay 

Bonjour IFSA people!Capture d’eěcran 2016-10-21 aĚ 16.41.35.png My name is Vicky and I’m from Laval U niversity in Quebec, Canada and I’m in my third year as a student in forestry engineering and member of IFSA. I’m currently in Prague to continue my studies for the year and I want to use my stay in Europe to participate as much as possible to IFSA and forestry event. Indeed, I would like to bring my experience of North American forestry and to learn from my peers. As a forester, I’m particularly interested in the forest and its management challenges. So I would like to know more about these topics in the context of the fight against climate change at COP22. I’m very happy to represent IFSA for COP 22 and it will be my pleasure to keep you informed!]]>