Good news from RECOFTC

RECOFTC is creating a future where those who rely on forests live equitably and take good care of the environment. Even in challenging times of COVID-19, RECOFTC strives and targets its goals that were established in 2018.

In the new annual report, you can follow the progress made by forest communities over the past two years. There are nine stories which demonstrate how investment in community forestry can build the planet’s and humanity’s resilience to pandemic diseases. Moreover, community forestry can tackle climate change issues and lay the foundation for overcoming poverty and building just, equal and inclusive society.

The stories shared in the annual report demonstrate that RECOFTC is prepared to meet challenges. For instance, RECOFTC’s alumni were inspired to use community forestry as the entry point for making significant changes in the policies, forests and lives of forest communities in their home countries. Hence, there is a growing movement to improve forest governance in the Mekong region. There, the voices of communities are increasingly considered as governments make and revise forest laws. Also, there are inspiring stories created by youth. They form their influential associations to attain aspirations reporting on forest issues, gender champions reshaping the forest sector and forest communities and user groups.

We wish RECOFTC the best of luck in their fantastic initiatives despite the global issues.

Happy reading!