Dear IFSA Family,

we need your help for the Online International Night. Due to COVID 19 we won’t be able to do any real International Nights, but we have the alternative. Each Online Regional Meeting has it own day for the international night!

Have you been to an IFSA event? If the answer is yes, you’d know that International Evenings are one of the best parts of it!

Here’s a great opportunity to participate in an International Evening from your room. All you need to do is fill in the form below with your LC. Grab a drink, some snacks, and join us at Online Regional Meetings!

Follow these 4 steps to fill in the form:
1) Fill in your LC name and IFSA Region (you can find your IFSA region here
2) Insert a YouTube or Spotify link with a typical song from your country. Add a short description for us to know more about it.
3) In this step we want you to send a picture and tell us about your country’s typical foods/drinks. It’s not the same with tasting delicious foods, but it’s still amazing.
4) Last step: Fun Facts! It could be your traditional clothes, music, stereotypes, the story of your flag, basically anything that is interesting to share with us!

We would also appreciate your comments about this form and Remote International Evening.
Don’t forget to add your brilliant ideas to make it even more fun!

link to form

Fill the Form