We are pleased to offer an open call to fill the role of LO ITTO; offering the successful candidate the opportunity to get more involved with IFSA and its community.

What is LO ITTO?

A LO (Liaison Officer) is the correspondent between IFSA and a professional partner – in this case it is the ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organisation). The successful candidate is usually elected by the General Assembly, but in this case it’s done by the Council with consultation of the Direction. The ITTO is an intergovernmental organisation promoting the conservation and sustainable management, use, and trade of tropical forest resources. Its members represent about 80% of the world’s tropical forests and 90% of the global tropical timber trade. The organisation has members in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific. The new LO ITTO will work with our contacts within the organisation to maintain our existing partnership.

LOs have the following main tasks:

  • Maintaining regular contact with both the IFSA President and the Partner organization;
  • Working with both parties to find suitable arrangements for collaborative activities;
  • Raising awareness of one organization to the other;
  • Ensuring an efficient changeover to the next LO and providing support until the end of the calendar year (following the election of the next official at the next GA)..

The LO ITTO includes the following specific tasks:

  • Sustaining and developing the cooperation between ITTO and IFSA, including work on the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    • Cooperate with the ITTO to jointly support each organization’s missions
  • Maintaining communication with the focal points within ITTO
  • Inform IFSA of upcoming ITTO events and fellowships program
  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in ITTO and ITTO partner events, including the coordination of delegations.

Application Requirements:

If you are interested in this position, please send the documents listed below to Jesse Mahoney ([email protected]) by the 3rd April 2017 at 11.59 pm CET (UTC +1) (late or incomplete applications will not be considered):
  • A motivation letter not exceeding 2 pages – please state:
    • why you think you are the most suitable candidate;
    • what your motivation is for the role;
    • what your goals for the role are;
    • how much of your weekly time you can allocate for duty completion.
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae / Resume.
  • Letter of verification by your LC President stating that you are a member of your LC or a recent graduate (within 12 months) of your LC.

Please note that the ideal candidate must:

  • Have a high level of self-motivation;
  • Be a current Ordinary IFSA Member or have graduated from an LC within the last 12 months.
By applying for this position, you will broaden your horizons, meet interesting leaders from other international student organizations and professional organizations, and learn about the function of global organizations in general. You would be part of the team of IFSA Officials until the next General Assembly (July 2016), allowing you to learn about online teamwork in an international context. Overall, it is a great opportunity to develop many useful skills! We look forward to hearing from you! The Direction – Jesse Mahoney, Isabel Engel, Alexander Pinkwart and Alexandre Veilleux]]>