UNFCCC Conference of Parties | November 6-17, 2017 | Bonn, Germany

Meeting information:

Like previous years, IFSA is offering the opportunity to its members to attend the UNFCCC Conference of Parties 23, in Bonn, Germany as a delegate. This conference occurs annually and is regarded as the most important global conference of climate change policy. Ground-breaking treaties like the Paris Agreement or the Kyoto-Protocol were achieved at prior UNFCCC Conference of Parties. Delegates will be selected to attend either Week 1 or Week 2 of the meeting.

What can you expect from the conference:

As an observer within the IFSA delegation, you can experience the process of international climate politics and negotiations, many side-events and a vast range of different topics around forests, landscapes, financing and, of course, climate change. You get the chance to network and meet interesting people while also becoming familiar with international processes and opportunities. Youth delegates also have an opportunity to work outside of the IFSA delegation and with the YOUNGO initiative to craft statements with other motivated young people.

What is expected from you?

We expect active participation in sessions and (side-)events, constant live-reporting in the form of blog posts, videos and twitter, and a good integration into our delegation. You can bring in your own ideas for improving IFSA’s work, conducting interviews and representing the youth in forests. As a representative for IFSA, you must possess knowledge of the organizations work or a willingness to learn. It would be good if applicants who prefer to attend week 1, could participate in the Conference of Youth, 02-05.2017, in Bonn, as well. As IFSA’s goal is to enhance forest education, it is crucial that our delegation passes on the knowledge gained throughout the conference.

Application Requirements:

Interested persons must submit the following requirements – CV (max. 3 pages) – 1 Page (Calibri, 11) Letter of Motivation including why you would make a good IFSA representative and what you could bring to the delegation – Proof of Passport validation until at least December 2017 – Short cost/funding plan – Letter of support from your LC President outlining a confirmation of your IFSA membership and a short personal reference Please send these documents to the Head of Sub-Commission UNFCCC: Charlotte Ross-Harris ([email protected]) by June 25th, 11:59 pm (UTC +2). If you have a preference for week of attendance, please note this in your email. Additional Information: IFSA cannot offer funding for this meeting. You will be contacted by latest July 16th, whether you were chosen to represent IFSA. This open call was created by the International Processes Commission. CRH & MS]]>