Open call for Commissioners Communication Commission is looking for motivated people to work on projects under sub-commissions such as website, publication, social media and design. Sub-commissioner task descriptions: SOCIAL MEDIA SUB-COMMISSION

  1. YouTube
  • Get videos from focal persons/head of social media of sub-commission, and be able to upload a video summary of the event.
  • Upload promotional videos about IFSA to advocate and publicize our organisation.
  • Monitor the subscribers, likes, and views.
Current Youtube Project: more use of Youtube to publicise IFSA through video contents. IFSA Youtube:
  1. Instagram and Twitter
  • Make sure that there are tweets and posts every event and activity. There should be appropriate hashtags every post.
  • Publication materials such as posters should also be posted.
  • Re-tweet and re-post news and information from IFSA partners
IFSA Twitter: IFSA instagram:
  1. Facebook (group)
  • There is a Facebook Page and Facebook Group. The commissioner will mostly handle the group, while the page, being official and formal, will be handled by the head of social media. Just like in Instagram and Twitter,
  • Post every event, open, calls, information, or any IFSA activity in the group.
  • Get as many likes and reactions as possible.
FB group: ————————————————————————————————————————— PUBLICATION SUB-COMMISSION
  • Help Editor in Chief to oversee publications process such as editing, writing, and publishing the articles of Tree News
  • Make an open call for articles in every month for Tree News Contribution
IFSA online editorial: ————————————————————————————————————————— WEB SUB-COMMISSION
  • WordPress (website) updates
  • Development of IFSA blog on IFSA official website
  • Optimize pictures to make website work faster
IFSA web: ————————————————————————————————————————— DESIGN SUB-COMMISSION
  • Interested in designing IFSA promotional materials (e.g. brochure etc)
  • With basic design abilities, familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign
Current on -going project: (1) assist the head of design with requests from event delegates and officials (2) update IFSA promotional materials (3) design IFSA merchandises (e.g. buff & IFSA calendar)   Interested in any of these commissions? Please click and fill in this form < LINK>.]]>