Hello lovely people of  IFSA,


For the very first time IFSA is embarking on an amazing and interesting journey that will produce one awesome and exciting anthem. This was announced in Sarah Sansa’s (head of council) speech during the vetting process in IFSS 2017 in South Africa and we were overwhelmed at the level of interest coming from the IFSA delegates at the symposium. When this was further discussed in the first council and board meeting, it was accepted and a decision to push it up to the ifsa world was made.


So here we are! We are looking for:

  • very well enthused ifsa members who are musically inclined to write a fun anthem containing at least a stanza and a chorus

  • Musicians are not left out, can you play a musical instrument? Then here is your chance to showcase it by composing a tune or a rhythm using your musical instrument.

  • Send a video of yourself playing the instrument in the beautiful well arranged anthem tune created by you.

  • Anyone who wants to write lyrics as well as sing it alongside a musical instrument will be more than welcomed. We will be more than happy to receive as many compositions as possible.


This is one of its kind, and the very first ever anthem to be composed for IFSA, so we really want the best. We will enrich each interested individual to take his/her time and do a very good job, the song should be catchy and easy to sing along to. The best compositions will be selected by the ifsa board and some consulting members, this will be finally arranged by the winners of this challenge, supervised by Sarah Sansa, the current head of council.


Send your compositions in writing, singing and/or playing an instrument to council via ([email protected]by 15th January, 2018 23: 59 CET, your compositions will be systematically posted on social media and campaigned on Facebook as the months goes by. Looking forward to hearing and seeing the fascinating and creative compositions from you all.

Wishing you all the best Sarah Sansa – Ghana Helina Poutamo – Finland Dolores Pavlovic – Serbia The Council]]>