Dear IFSA World!

Here is another exciting opportunity for you to serve and get involved in IFSA! Have you been looking for this opportunity? Look no further. IFSA is looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Individual who would like to get involved in IFSA as the Liaison Officer for CFA for the 2018-2019 term of office.

Duties and responsibilities:

Maintain regular email contact with the IFSA President and the CFA

In this position, you, as CFA LO, need to be motivated to find and follow opportunities with the CFA. If you do not email the CFA and start discussions then the partnership will not achieve anything. The CFA may contact you occasionally if they want to ask for your help, but usually it will be up to you to make things happen!

The CFA is currently undergoing a strategy review, meaning that they are not really active at the moment. Most of your duty will be to assist them during this process by providing input from a youth perspective.

Contact the IFSA President, External Partnerships Councillor , and others after you have discussed options with the CFA and need permission to continue with an idea, also consider if you should cc: the information to all of IFSA7. You can also contact the IFSA President if you want some advice, want to discuss possibilities, or to see if an idea would be feasible from IFSA’s point of view. If you want more advice or help you could also contact the ex-CFA LO.

Prepare a systematic calendar of the main events of the CFA stressing the events in which IFSA could participate

The main events that IFSA can be involved in are:  

  • The CFA Annual General Meeting (you and the IFSA President),  
  • The CFA General Assembly (you and the IFSA President)  
  • The main awards offered by the CFA that IFSA members could apply for are:  
  • The Young Foresters Award  
  • The Young Scientist Publication/Research Award

You should attend at least one of the AGM or General Assembly with the President so that you can both have a good introduction to the organization.

Write a quarterly report for IFSA and for the CFA and an annual report with the main important facts of the year

This is the only ‘administration’ requirement of your work. It is important to tell people what you have been doing as in your work as CFA LO and what plans you have for the future because most of the contact you have will be between the IFSA President and the CFA, so the rest of IFSA may not know what goes on behind those doors without these reports. It also is important to identify problems you encountered during the year and possible solutions for these. This may help future CFA LO’s and also officials in other positions.

Work with both parties to find suitable arrangements for collaborative activities

This can includes:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • awards
  • internships
  • online forums and
  • other networking opportunities.

A couple of collaborative activities have already been mentioned, such as the Commonwealth Forestry Conference, but keep your ears and eyes open for more possibilities! The CFA often advertises international workshops and job opportunities so look out for these. Ask the CFA first to see if these opportunities could be open to IFSA students and don’t be afraid to email any and all ideas IFSA Officials Job Descriptions 2018-19 45 you have to the CFA and ask what they think. They are always open to considering new ideas and will support any collaborative activities if it is possible.

Raise awareness of one organization to the other

In the beginning the CFA will ask you to write an introduction about yourself to put on the CFA website. This is important to make you known in the CFA world. You should try to write at least one published article for the IFSANews and CFA Newsletters regarding some aspect of the other organization to help in raising awareness.

To refresh people’s memories and inform them of what is happening in the CFA, try to update the IFSA webpage and forum every now and then and send emails to IFSAWorld with news and to advertise opportunities. In particular, don’t forget the IFSA Forum as this is becoming an increasingly important tool.

The CFA also releases for newsletters per year. For a while the CFA shared this newsletter with IFSA members for free, but stopped doing so when they realized they weren’t getting sufficient feedback (articles, membership, etc.) from IFSA. They are open to get any sort of connection going, but they wish it to be mutually beneficial. Although it hasn’t happened yet, we have discussed the option of making the IFSANews available to CFA members, so this is also something you can look into during your term.

How to apply:

You must provide the following documents. Both documents (1 & 2) must be submitted as a SINGLE PDF file.

  1. A letter from your Local Committee (LC) President verifying that you are a member of the LC.
  2. A motivation letter and strategy for the position (not more than 1 page, font size 12)
  3. A three (3)-minute video about your motivation and the strategy for the position.

Your letter of motivation must answer:

  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA?
  • Why would you want to become an official for this position?
  • How would you achieve this positions main tasks?
  • Do you think you have the right skills for this position? What are they?
  • What international events are relevant for your position, and will you be able to attend them?
  • What would your key goals for the year be?

All applications must be sent to: [email protected]

All applications must use the subject: LOCFA application – YOUR NAME

DEADLINE: September 30, 2018- 23:59 CET