Dear IFSA Friends,


The position of IFSA Professional Development Commission Head has become available to those who are looking for more ways to get involved and active within IFSA.


Commissions are executive bodies of IFSA established by the General Assembly in any composition and for any tasks. The Professional Development Commission head will be working on the development of various skills of IFSA Officials and Local Committees together with the commissioners until July 2018. Furthermore, the Head of the Professional Development Commission must aim to improve the work skills in IFSA, mentorship, and cultural competencies of its members.


Tasks of the Head of Professional Development Commission:

  • To oversee the activities of the commission as a whole and ensure that the commission is on track with the overall goals of the Professional Development Commission;

  • Develop activities, programs and modules for IFSA Officials and Local Committees that aim to develop the overall professional skills and cultural understanding of its members (by offering consultation, coaching or mentoring for them);

  • To arrange and organise mentorship programs in upcoming events of partner organisations, and the head of commission must be able to contact and learn from Sarah Dickson-Hoyle who has organised these trainings for events previous years.

  • Supervise and coordinate with the cultural competencies sub-commission head;

  • Work closely together with IFSA IFISO Liaison Officer;

  • Write reports and articles for IFSA


The ideal candidate must:

  • Have a high level of self-motivation and strong team building skills;

  • Be a current Ordinary IFSA Member or have graduated from an LC in the region within one year;

  • Preferably, have knowledge and experience in professional development and cultural exchanges


Application Requirements

If you are interested in applying for the position of Commission Head, please submit the following documents to [email protected] by August 19th at 23:59 CET. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae;

  2. A 2-page motivation letter (stating why you think you would make a good candidate, what are your goals for this role, and what your motivations are to fulfil this role)

  3. Letter of verification by your LC President stating that you are a member of your LC or an alumni (recent graduate) of your LC.


If you have any questions about the application, please contact the Council at [email protected].


We look forward to hearing from you!


Best regards


Sarah Sansa (Ghana)

Helinä Poutamo (Finland)

Dolores Pavlovic (Serbia)

The Council