Dear IFSA World

Here is another exciting opportunity for you to serve and get involved in IFSA! Have you been looking for this opportunity? Look no more! IFSA is looking for an enthusiastic and passionate individual who would like to serve IFSA in the position of Head of design sub-commission for the 2018-2019 term of office.

The main task of the position is to provide and supply IFSA with all kinds of promotion material and updating brochures, flyers and other materials which IFSA delegations and events need, thus helping IFSA to get well recognized in the forestry world. The amount of workload in the position is highly dependent on the amount of active commissioners, however, most of the work is project dependent. The amount of time committed towards the position is variable however, your reliability and accessibility during periods of IFSA’s engagements like conferences is highly required.

Please find the full list of duties, responsibilities and tasks beneath.

Duties and responsibilities.

  • The sub-commission should provide all IFSA officials and delegations with the needed material (e.g. IFSA PowerPoint templates, IFSA letterheads and IFSA business cards)
  • Booth: some of IFSA professional partners offer IFSA the unique opportunity to promote itself with a booth stand during their conferences; PM should be in charge of organizing and designing these booth stands.
  • Flyer: IFSA flyers are amongst the most important promotion material for all conferences. The promotion material commission has to regularly update the content of the flyers
  • Posters: advertising or scientific posters (e.g. outcomes of surveys) for partner conferences (e.g. IUFRO World Congress, Forest Day at UNFCCC) should be provided by the PMC. The commission has to take care that all information is updated and the posters fit to the corporate design and identity of IFSA.
  • The design sub-commission should provide IFSA and its partners with a constant flow of promotion material which can be sold to the benefit of IFSA (e.g. IFSA pins). This has to be self-supporting.
  • Communication with the web, social media and IPC commissioners as well as council is mandatory.
  • Creating files such as logos, posters, flyers or any printable material upon request by any IFSA member with a specific purpose such as but not limited to advertising, events or conference.
  • Keep the created materials up to date, especially flyers, where the content should undergo an annual review.
  • IFSA has recently changed its logo. Although some time has already passed by, the old logo is still used in different media. The PM commission should take care that only the new logo is used.
  • Creating nicely framed social media posts with photos from previous IFSA events, linking them to the events that are coming. These posts act as fillers when IFSA social media is quiet.
  • Keep templates accessible and up to date.

Required skills and abilities.

Knowledge of the most common design software (e.g. Photoshop) and experience with the common file formats (e.g. vector graphics, difference between e.g. TIFF and JPEG) is welcomed.

How to apply:

You must provide the following documents. Both documents (1 & 2) must be submitted as a SINGLE PDF file.

  1. A letter from your Local Committee (LC) President verifying that you are a member of the LC.
  2. A motivation letter and strategy for the position (not more than 1 page, font size 12)
  3. A three (3)-minute video about your motivation and the strategy for the position.
  4. Submission of a portfolio as part of the application is a MUST.

Your letter of motivation must answer:

  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA?
  • Why would you want to become an official for this position?
  • How would you achieve this position’s main tasks?
  • Do you think you have the right skills for this position? What are they?
  • What international events are relevant for your position, and will you be able to attend them?
  • What would your key goals for the year be?

All applications must be sent to: [email protected]

All applications must use the subject: HoSC DESIGN application – YOUR NAME

DEADLINE: 25-09-2018 – 23:59 CET