Dear IFSA World,


At IFSS 2016 in Austria and Germany, our membership approved the creation of IFSA Officials Fund.


The IFSA Officials Fund serves to support the attendance of IFSA Official(s) to IFSA or IFSA-related events such as the Interim Meeting, annual International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS), Regional Meetings, or United Nations Conferences.




Elected or Appointed IFSA Officials (Direction, Commission and Sub-Commission Heads, Liaison Officers, and Regional Representatives) for 2017-2018 can apply for the fund.


If you are interested in applying for the Officials Fund, please send your application to [email protected] by April 27th at 23:59 CET. An application will not be reviewed until all requested documents have been received. For details on what to include in your application package, please see below.


The recipients will be chosen by the IFSA Council and informed no later than two weeks after call has ended. Please take note that successful applicant(s) can only be reimbursed with 100 Euros each  due to the limited funds we have in our coffers.


For further information or inquiries about the fund or for the application, please contact the Council at [email protected].


Sincerely yours,


The IFSA Council

Sarah Sansa

Helina Poutamo

Dolores Pavlovic


Application Guideline:

Your application has to be written entirely in English language, and should include:


i) Contact details of the applicant

  • Full Name

  • IFSA Local Committee Name

  • Full postal address

  • Email address

  • Phone


ii) Official’s Job Description

  • Tasks and Responsibilities of the Official

  • Projects and Activities for the year (Completed and Proposed)


iii) Supporting material

  • Official’s Progress Report for the Quarter

  • Attachment or supporting materials to the Progress Report (ex. Facebook/E-mail Communications, Publication/Reports/Promotional Materials Produced)


iv) Budget

  • Detailed listing of all costs of attendance (ex. Airfare, Visa Application)

  • Other sources of fund


v) Letter of Motivation

A brief letter with no more than 300 words, explaining the reasons and motivation for applying to the fund. What kind of communication piece  (ex. article/report/blog/interactive presentation) are you willing to submit in return?