Dear IFSA World!

Would you like to become more involved with what happens in IFSA? A new opportunity is here – With the Online Regional Meetings just a few weeks away, we are starting the pre-selection process for the 2020-2021 Regional Representatives!

We are on the search for an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who will serve IFSA as the Southern Europe Regional Representative. The term of this position will be from the General Assembly in July / August 2020, until IFSS 2021.

The Regional Representatives in IFSA are the information links between the IFSA Board and the Local Committees (LC) in their region and between the LCs.

Being a Regional Representative is a very interactive and rewarding role placed at the heart of IFSA which allows you to grow personally and professionally whilst gaining a deeper understanding of IFSA and engaging with a high number of people.

For further information regarding the position please find the full list of duties, responsibilities and tasks beneath.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Keep in contact with LCs

  • Update the list of LCs of your region.
  • Publish what is happening in your region on the IFSA website & social media.
  • Encourage LCs to engage in IFSA activities.

Cultivate and expand the Regional IFSA Community

  • Assist in organizing the annual Regional Meetings.
  • Encourage IFSA members to attend meetings like IFSS or Regional Meetings, and to attend delegations for Conferences, etc.
  • Encourage your LCs to organize local events for IFSA members or forestry students.
  • Improve communication within the IFSA regions.
  • Find new LCs.
  • Help inactive LCs.
  • Assist individuals that have shown interest in becoming IFSA members.

Collaboration (Relationships):

  • Ask for help from IFSA Board members whenever you need, as well as help them and any other Commission when they request it.
  • You will have an amazing working team of IFSA Officials who will be happy to help you!

Specific Tasks for Term 2020/2021:

  • As the demand for regional partnerships has grown in recent years, Regional Representatives are encouraged to engage with regional partners in close communication with the IFSA Board.
  • Engage in a transitional period with the current RRs in order to have a better preparation when the job changeover is made.
  • Assist LCs to engage in and promote online activities during COVID-19 times, while travel restrictions are still active.
  • Assist the LCs to return to in-person meetings when the COVID-19 crisis will end, while mantaining focus on online activities as well.


This individual must be part of an Ordinary member, also called IFSA’s local committee. Furthermore, this individual must be a student or must have graduated no longer than one year prior and been recognized as a part of an ordinary member at the time.

How to apply:

You must provide the following documents. Both documents (1 & 2) must be submitted as a PDF file.

  1. A letter from your Local Committee (LC) President verifying that you are a member of the LC.
  2. A motivation letter and strategy for the position (not more than 1 page, font size 12)
  3. A short video (3-minute max.) about your motivation and strategy for the position.

Some ideas on important points for your letter of motivation:

  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA?
  • Why would you want to become an official for this position?
  • How would you achieve this position’s main tasks?
  • Do you think you have the right skills for this position? What are they?
  • Would you be able to attend your region’s Regional Meeting?
  • What would your key goals for the year be?
  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA? How much time will you be able to commit to carrying out this position’s tasks?
  • What, from your understanding of the role, do you think your work will be focused on?

For further clarification or any other question write an email to your Regional Representatives: [email protected]

DEADLINE: 23th -05- 2020 – 23:59 UTC+0

All applications must be sent to: [email protected]

All applications must use the subject: Southern Europe REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE application – YOUR NAME

Any application which does not meet the requirements and instructions listed shall be disqualified.

Remember that this pre-selection only dictates the preferences of the region! The final election for the Regional Representatives will take place in the General Assembly in July / August 2020.