What should we do about our Biodiversity? Angga Saputra November 20th, 2018 Now, biodiversity becomes important thing because humans livelihoods depends on biodiversity. Yesterday, Mainstreaming Biodiversity was one of discussion topics in COP 14 and the goals of this discussion were to maintain and make biodiversity sustainable for human life. Peoples are nothing without biodiversity, we need air, water, food and health that are provided by nature. We know that nature is changed because of climate change, increased  population, industrial development, pollution and others. The effects of these things contribute to animal habitat loss, people’s livelihood loss, and loss of other life support systems. As young people we should think about this problem and take responsibility too. We have to think about biodiversity when managing and maintaining ecosystems. It becomes the main concern while doing development now and for the future. Through the Aichi Targets 2010-2020 with vision, “Living Harmony with Nature”, it is hoping that humans and nature will make a relationship together living in harmony and peace. I found a quote from one of the panelists in Cepa Fair, “when one close to nature, he is close with his God”. I think it was an incredible quote and must be a basic thinking of mainstreaming biodiversity. We must remember that biodiversity was gifted by God and our job is maintaining it for the future. Furthermore, awareness is needed and it is the key to achieve Aichi Targets 2010-2020. Peoples, government, youths, businesses and stakeholders must collaborate for new strategies to increase awareness of biodiversity. COP 14 is a big meeting for thinking and working together to make new information and innovation to achieve sustainability of biodiversity. As youth we have a big role to participate in Biodiversity managing and become awareness agents for communities. We can share with them that managing biodiversity is important to support our livelihoods in the future. IFSA has a big role because we are the biggest forestry students’ association in the world. We have many local committees around the world that can make collaboration for programs concerned with biodiversity. We also can make collaboration with IUNCBD to develop community with capacity building, education of Biodiversity, changing lifestyle, and others. Accordingly, researchers, government, NGOs, and Youth’s Organizations will be agents to increase community’s awareness to biodiversity.]]>